Terms and Conditions

Here's the fine print...

Flight Experiences

  • Flight experiences must be booked within 9 months of purchase

  • We do not offer refunds on flight experience purchases

  • Experiences are transferrable so anyone can book the experience, regardless of who purchased it

Flight Safety

  • Passengers are required to provide an accurate weight at the time of booking. This should be a recent measurement, taken while wearing clothes similar to those that will be worn at the time of the flight

  • Weight and balance limitations apply to all flights and certain passenger configurations may be unflyable

  • The pilot in command reserves the right to refuse to fly with any passengers if they feel it may impact the safety of the flight

  • All booked flights are dependent on weather conditions on the day

  • While we endeavour to fulfil every flight as requested, flights may need to be cancelled at short notice for weather-related, technical, safety or operational reasons

  • If a flight must be cancelled, we will reschedule at no additional charge and the next most convenient time

Monetary Vouchers

  • Monetary vouchers are valid for 9 months from the date of purchase

  • Monetary vouchers are exchangable for a coupon code that will deduct the voucher amount from any of the experience options available on our website

  • Prouct prices may increase between the date the monetary voucher is purchased and the date it is used

Upgrades and Offers

  • The VIP upgrade package consists of a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne and a box of luxury chocolates to be enjoyed before or after your flight

  • Passengers must confirm at the time of booking if they purchased a VIP Upgrade

Ladt Updated: 17th November 2023